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Mascherano towards China, Barcelona benefits 10m euros
Afi 18 December 2017
Javier Mascherano is expected to leave Barcelona to leave China, after Hebei Fortune is very interested in him. For Mascherano, there was in...
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Nokia 9 appear in public, comes next year
Afi 22 October 2017
Nokia 9 already has become part of the many leaks and rumors online. but now for this new model phone Nokia have come up some views on the I...
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Trump against Bush's War: The US should not be in Iraq
Afi 17 October 2017
The United States will not list in the conflict between official Baghdad and Erbil, for control of the contested Kirkuk region. The news was...
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In California, 40 victims of fires
Afi 15 October 2017
After 6 days of devastating devastating fires, California sees the death toll on the day to day, which has already hit 40 dead and hundreds ...
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Turkey's military troops enter Syria
Afi 14 October 2017
Accompanied by armored vehicles, Turkish soldiers entered Syria as part of an operation that Ankara says intends to stop fighting in the Idl...
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