Clinton in Britain: a big lie

Hillary Clinton is making a trip to Britain with the message that the referendum for "Brexit" was won on the basis of a great lie, warning that Vladimir Putin is making a cold cyber war against the West.

She urged more women to enter politics and praised those women who denounced the Hollywood tycoon and Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein.

However, Clinton underlined that even Donald Trump is accused of sexual aggression and has a long history of misogyny, but despite that, his supporters are pleased that he is at the Oval Office.

Some Democrats asked her to be silent after Trump defeated, but she refused to do so, conveyed the tch.

She insisted on playing her role in an attempt to regain democratic countries in the mid-term election.

She admitted that, after the defeat in the election, had been close to the collapse, angry and disappointed, but was revived again.

Clinton is in Britain to promote her memoir, titled "What Happened".

"When I see the Brexit referendum now, I think it was a consequence of what happened to us in the US. Lieings are a very powerful mechanism and we, in some ways, admit them to Western democracies, partly because of the freedom of the press. But there must be a baseline of facts and evidence everywhere, "Clinton said.

She urged Britain to be cautious in linking trade agreements with Trump, pointing out that he does not believe in free trade.

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