If you're worried more than you need, you're a genius

Researchers have suggested the hypothesis that if some people are worried more than others, they have within themselves genius features: imagination and creativity.
If in your life you tend to be tense and humor is rolling you are likely to be a genius in creativity. A new theory says that boredom and imagination go hand in hand.
This may explain why some original thinkers, such as the famous Vincent Van Gogh, suffered from their art. Movie director and comedian Woody Allen is another very concerned person and also Isaac Newton.
It is thought that such individuals have a brain that is more susceptible to perceived threats than others. And this tendency to panic is linked to an incredibly imaginative and generating potential threats, psychologists say.
Personality trainer Dr. Adam Perkins of the Royal College in London explained: "We are still far from complete discovery of the complete situation and we have not all the explanations, but we hope our new theory will help people understand their experiences and discover that although it is not very enjoyable, it has its own benefits as well.
"We hope that our theory will spur a search that will provide the right answers by which we will link the aspect of creativity, concern and emotions."
Concern is one of the five distinguishing features of psychologists. Other features include being open, mindful, open, and agreeing with others.
Being overly painful to pain is characterized by a long list of negative emotions, including anxiety, fear, distress, tense, jealousy, and loneliness.
The support that this condition relates to creativity has come from some brain scanning studies that underlined that nerve circles, which regulate them, are self-generated.
Why do the nerves link with creativity?
People who become very nervous in thought tend to have imagination of negative events and feelings of all kinds. They can barely cope with dangerous work and are more likely to experience psychiatric disorders throughout their lives. The over-thought of things is also related to the positive aspects of this situation.
The creativity of Isaac Newton and other people with tearful nerves can be merely a result of their tendency to smell problems earlier than others.
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