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In California, 40 victims of fires

After 6 days of devastating devastating fires, California sees the death toll on the day to day, which has already hit 40 dead and hundreds still missing. Monster fires have ruined entire parts of the country, thousands of homes leaving many in the open sky.

The California Governor said this is "one of the worst tragedies" that the state has ever faced. More than 10,000 firefighters are fighting with flames in 16 firefighters. Winds of about 70 km per hour have shifted them to other towns, forcing other residents to evacuate.

One of the most damaging areas is the city of Santa Rosa, in the Sonoma Wine Producer Area, where only 3,000 people evacuated on Saturday. "Destruction is not recognizing borders, it's just unbelievable," Governor Jerry Broen said while visiting the city. "We are ahead of a horror that nobody could ever have imagined."

This is the deadliest event of the fires in the history of this state. More than 100,000 people have been displaced from their homes, while entire residential areas have already become burnt.

Firefighters, however, achieved some breakthroughs on Friday, clearing dry vegetation and some fuels around populated areas in the southern part of the fireplaces. But the return of winds, combined with high temperatures and humid air, has further spread the fires