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Turkey's military troops enter Syria

Accompanied by armored vehicles, Turkish soldiers entered Syria as part of an operation that Ankara says intends to stop fighting in the Idlib province.

The Turkish military said its forces will set up observation points to monitor the so-called toll reduction area, accord- ing to the agreement with Russia and Iran.

The Province of Idlib is largely controlled by "Hayat Tahrir al-Sham", a jihadist alliance that has links to Al Qaeda, and Turkey's goal is to stop them.

But Idlib is also at the border with the Kurdish African enclave, another target to stop the Turks. Ankara supports rebels fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad last year and backed a rebel offensive against the Islamic State at the border of Aleppo province.

But doing so also banned Kurdish units "YPG" to arrive in Afrin. Turkish media report that about 100 soldiers and 30 armored vehicles have entered Syria, but the number may increase in the coming days.

Also reported on fighting at Idlib, but it is not clear which parties are involved, while experts say that augmenting weapons on the ground with Turkey's arrival does not do much to lower the tension.

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