Pregnant women really have "baby babies"

Pregnant women really have "baby babies"

Pregnant women really have "baby babies"

From omission through making bad decisions to the lack of concentration - pregnant women who complain about "baby's brain" but so far this is considered an old story. However, there are truths about this.

The new study has shown that the "brain of the baby" is a real phenomenon.

Scientists have analyzed the cognitive functions of 709 pregnancies and 521 women who have not been pregnant, so this is the first study of this type.

Each participant has passed a series of tests, of which some have implied the memory of a number of numbers.

Totally unexpectedly, the results have shown that pregnancies are worse in making decisions, planning, memory, and having difficulty managing one-on-one care.

In addition, scientists have also found that the "brain of the baby" has different effects on women at different periods of pregnancy.

While the decline of all those abilities was noted at the beginning of the first quarter, it stabilizes slowly from mid to late pregnancy.

It is important to note, though, that although the pregnancies did not have excellent results in the tests, their skills were at the normal limits.

Knowing these, it should also be mentioned that some women become forgetful during pregnancy or concentration are weaker, do not cause any obstacles in life and everyday obligations.

Although it has been officially found that pregnant women have "baby brain", scientists say that it is necessary to ascertain why this happens and how long the postpartum effects last.

"The intriguing study published last year has shown that changes in the gray mass of the brain occur in pregnant women, especially in the parts responsible for processing social information, such as 'decoding' of baby's facial expression, healthy bond between baby and mother, "says SashaDavis, one of the authors of the study.

This may mean that the baby's brain is just a phenomenon that helps women prepare for babies, ie the brain helps them to be ready for the new role, "she says.

This study has also shown that the brain "returns to the previous state" two years after birth. 

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