The clubs that play the most beautiful football according to Guardiola

Napoli, Tottenham and Barcelona - are the clubs that play the most beautiful football in Europe according to Guardiola.


Pep Guardiola has no reason to envy his colleagues because Manchester City, despite the first Premier League defeat to Liverpool, is the team that is playing the most beautiful football this season and has achieved the best results.

However, Guardiola as a football fan and who likes the beautiful game does not hide his admiration for playing Napoli, Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur.

Guardiola likes so much football that Sarri and Pochettino apply, and on TV often follow the matches of Naples and Tottenham.

Spain's City coach can not hide the sympathy for Barcelona's squad with which he wrote history as a player but also as coach, who continues to be a Barca's special fan.

"To win twice against Napoli within two weeks, it was fantastic. I have faced one of the best coaches I have ever seen in my career, "Guardiola said.

"I am more fan than coach, for this I choose the teams I want to look at. Napoli plays beautiful football, similar to Barcelona, as well as Tottenham, "said Pep, not forgetting to mention Bayern Munich.
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