MYSTERY: The letter of the condemned to death, which shook everyone in the courtroom

One sentenced to death in anticipation of execution, sought last wish for a pencil and a letter.

After writing for a few minutes, the convict called out the guard and asked him to hand over that letter to his mother.
The letter read:

"Mum, if there were justice in this world we would be both convicted not only me. You are as guilty as I am, and you are also guilty of lost life. Do you remember when I brought home a stolen bike?
You helped me to hide it so that my father would not reveal it and not condemn me. Do you remember when you stole money from your neighbor's portfolio?

You spent with me at the mall. Do you remember when you stopped with your dad and he left?
He wanted to correct me because instead of studying, I copied it to the exam ... and eventually excluded me from school.

You turned against father's teachers and, in the end, I learned nothing but being a criminal. Mom I was just a kid, then I became a troubled teenager and now I am an aggressive and intolerant man.

Mom, I was just a child who needed to be corrected not to approve everything I did. But, anyway, I forgive you. I just ask you something to read this paper as many parents in the world. 

Understand the responsibility they have on raising a child, to make a grown man who can do good or bad.

Thank you, Mom, for life and for helping me lose it.
Your criminal son

I would like to remind you that:
Who refuses to punish the child, does not want it. He who loves them does not hesitate to cry out. "

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