Understanding Google Adsense for Beginners

In this post we are going to talk about Google Adsense for beginners and we will cover some main points:
  • Presentation on Adsense 
  • How do I admit to Adsense?
  • Creating Your Blog
  • Getting clicks
  • Payment 

I. Presentation on Adsense 

What Is Google Adsense? 

Google Adsense is a program where Google has its ads on your site and paid for every click that is made on the ads on your site. This program allows publishers to earn a few money or lots of money, depending on their website, simply by entering a code on its website.

II. How do I admit to Adsense?

So admission to Adsense is simple. If you do not have a website, I suggest you Blogger. Blogger is linked to Google so your site will be accepted directly. Normally, if you have a website, your registration will be looked at more carefully. If you google on your web site: "pornography, gambling, hacking, illegal activity, or scam", you will NOT be accepted !. One way you can make a mistake and not accept Adsense is to apply too early, for example, make the web Monday and that same day, only with a post on your web app for Adsense. Make sure your web site is of high quality and a lot of active visitors. Your web site should also be top-level domain, so not to be on the web site like webs.com or yola.com. If you have trouble getting accepted, just comment on this post below, so we can know the problem and find a way out. Do not think if you have pornographic content, illegal and as I mentioned above, so your comment will be deleted directly !.

III. Creating Your Blog

Now maybe you've made a blog in the blogger, are you asking yourself what: What the hell will I put on the blog? This is a common but not a dilemma that can not be remedied. Adsense pays you a lot of money based on your ads. What you post on the blog will have an impact on the ads that you want to put. If the blog is going to be for Halo 3, then the ads will be for games, xbox 360 ETC. These are called Keywords and see from Google your web site's niche and place ads. To do as much as money, you will normally need ads to pay as much as you can. Here are some keywords that pay more ... "insurance, cancer, mortgages, financial", but there is even more. You will need to have a post on your blog for a keyword that you want, and you will find that the ads will be for that keyword. 

IV. Getting clicks

To get clicks on your site will probably be difficult but not much. For those who have large pages, it's natural for active visitors to click on their ads, but a problem arises for those who do not have a colossal reputation, like most of the world. How will we get the clicks? Clicks can be taken in different ways, but remember something; never tell your friends to click on your ads, because Google will get to know this and have plenty of opportunities to exclude you. Google is not as tolerant as it is in violation of the Adsense Terms of Service (TOS) rules. Getting clicks flows from your visits yourself. Visits are made through the content of the webpage. For example, if you offer something that others do not have, it usually happens that people will visit your site to get that content, you can go to the ads and click them. Everything just stems. From the content of your site visitors come, visitors come to your clicks on your site, from clicks on your site are clicks on your site's ads, from your site clicks come from Adsense. So you will get a few clicks. 

V. Payment 
When it comes to payment everyone gets excited, everyone enjoys it, normally the most enjoyable moment after all that boring month of work and getting exhausted. As far as payment is concerned, you have to make $ 100 a hundred dollars a month. The payment method is NET30 which means that you will be paid at the end of next month after the month you made the profits. 

Let's take an example: 
If I make $ 150, then one hundred and fifty dollars in September, I get this September (September) end of October. The same thing happens for the next month. There is only one way to pay; CHECK. Check is a letter that comes to your home or in the nearest mail that contains a letter that you are asking at the bank to receive the amount of money that has been checked. Regarding the delay of Checkut saying the right in Albania lags a bit like a lot, approx. from 20 to 30 days. Here's how it looks like a check from his appearance: 

So there were two checks from Adsense taken from the Webmaster. AL forum. So it looks like your checkup only with your other name, many other money and other addresses. Also forgot that if the amount you get in EURO then the minimum is not $ 100 = 70Euro. :-) 

In some countries can be delayed and more than a month, this is the only problem can be faced.

Thank you 🙏 

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