MATCH REPORT: Porto 0-5 Liverpool (Mane, Salah & Firmino)

MATCH REPORT: Porto 0-5 Liverpool (Mane, Salah & Firmino)

Porto 'victim' of Liverpool's absence at the stage of elimination directly from #UCL

Liverpool is one of the clubs that is personified with success in the Champions League, five cups in the biggest club competition are not that small. Istanbul's victory is unforgettable, so we can say that the Reds are born to be part of LK.

But, nine years ago, when the English team had appeared in the elimination stage (1/16) of this race.

Porto missed this absence, which in itself was nothing more than a tourist, the Portuguese team lost in the end with a 0-5 score at the first meeting.

It was Sadio Mane who scored first in the 25th minute, and after four minutes scored Mohamed Salah for the 30th season for Liverpool in all races.

With score 0-2 and with Porton he never shot at the opposing goal finished the first half.

Mane scored once again in the 53rd minute, and Roberto Firmino in the 73rd minute.

Senegalese completed the trick in the 85th minute, providing himself with a comfortable match at that return.

The match is played at Anfield on March 6.
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