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FIFA confirms, no British referee at the World Cup

FIFA confirms, no British referee at the World Cup

There will be no English referee at the World Cup this summer for the first time since 1938.

FIFA has selected 36 judges for Russia's tournament, but none will be from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Mark Clattenburg was the only British in the FIFA's preliminary list, from where final names would be chosen, reports Tele Sport. But he has left the Premier League and has handed over the country.

Clattenburg, who led the Euro 2016 final when Portugal defeated France, withdrew from his job to go to Saudi Arabia where he worked as head of the judges.

The English Federation asked FIFA to replace it with one of the other judges but FIFA refused the request. None of the 63 assistants will have any British arbitrators.

Meanwhile in the World Cup for the first time will be used VAR.