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5 inventions you did not know yet and that will surprise you

The wheelchair material provides a good grip.

Pneumatic for horses

Why not fit them for horses? This was what they asked ContiTech and a saying and a done. The pneumatic venture in collaboration with Turfcord created some horseshoe protectors. For thousands of years the horses have used iron that has reduced the length of the step by approximately 10%, have damaged the protective layer and have touched healthy horseradish. Facilitating the tension of animals in their articulations and improving the step is the purpose of these elastic protectors able to remain sealed for up to 8 weeks. 

Say goodbye to the connectors

The first intelligent puppet in the world is able to adjust your own feet, give warmth to sluts, and alert us of any possible damage. Digitsole's Smartshoes work like a Fitbit bracelet, just wrap it up and walk or run and send information via Bluetooth to your phone to control your health, know the calories you are burning or even if you have it keep the appropriate posture to avoid injury or even fatigue. What if you are cold? With the cell phone you can adjust the temperature of the needle to warm the legs. Another quality of these is the regulation of the feet. They are not automatic and are slow, so you better avoid them in case of an emergency. 

Internet with the speed of light

It is no longer necessary to use traditional wi-fi to connect your appliances. This lamp called MyLifi by Oledcomm makers connects to a range of devices using a light led converter speed of 100 times faster than traditional wi-fi. One of its advantages is that it does not saturate the spectrum and allow safer connections. One of the shortcomings is that the scope of action is only a few dozen meters. 

External skeleton to dwell

Some friends walking in the California desert when they arrived at an area called Joshua Tree, 200km away from Los Angeles, said, "Do you know what I imagine here?" Step on the computer and show the images of a design taken from the internet. The eccentric house, designed by an Australian Make Model studio. After contacting the builders, the project began to be built over an area of ​​36 ha. The house occupies 200 m2, three bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and a marine-oriented marine-oriented facility each of them to favor viewing without losing intimacy. 

One more in the family

Robelf is a personal assistant able to take orders, tell stories, play video or make video calls. It is 85 cm, weighs 7 kg and is ready to do all it takes to become a family member. Robelf is an Android who plays the role of a servant by broadcasting your orders and wishes to your home appliance, is also a security copier that protects the home thanks to the sensors of voice, vision and positioning, because the technology of facial recognition allows to detect the presence of strangers inside the home and bring real-time information through phone alarms. It has been introduced by Robotelf techologies and has a touch screen of 1280 x 800, a 5 megapixel camera, 4 microphones, 4 ultrasound sensors and 3 infrared lights that allow you to avoid obstacles when walking.