6 Reasons Why Women Betray

6 reasons why women betray
Traditions and divisions have become a phenomenon lately. But after every betrayal, there are certain reasons that are often not readily understood and cause disruption and coldness in the relationship between partners.

In this article we are listing some of the main reasons leading women to betrayal.

1. When a woman no longer trusts her partner 
When a woman no longer trusts her partner, as he discovers that he often lies or does not keep the promises given, then she feels abandoned and alone, which makes her think that her partner is betraying her or does not want her as before.

2. When the Partner Is Very Positive 
There are cases of women who feel all the time under the pressure and excessive control of their partner, making them feel confident and isolated and not free, a situation that often pushes towards another relationship where they want to feel free and independent.

3. When a Partner Does Not 
Have Its Responsibilities There are many cases of women who face irresponsible partners who do not care about their duties and responsibilities, making the woman feel just and unprotected, which often leads to it in search of another partner.

4. When the partner is very negligent and inclined to his freedom 
There are times when men treat their partner as well-being and do not care about common things or issues. Also these kind of partners are usually spending most of their time outdoors with their friends, or spending too much time with their professional engagements. In such situations, women often go in search of another partner who wants to find the person with the commitment and the desire to stay close to her, or the desire to spend time together.

5. When the Partner Rules and Decides for Everything The 
rules of coexistence are usually set by both parties, respecting one another. But when it is only the man who sets the rules and takes all the decisions without getting the opinion of his partner, then the woman feels imprisoned and lost her freedom. Such a situation often leads a woman to betrayal, to feel free and appreciated.

6. When intimate relationships are lacking 
In the absence of good intimate relationships between partners in a couple, very cold situations arise where women feel unwanted and make them think that their partner has someone else. This situation often pushes him in search of another connection.

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