Are you ever hacked by a Russian?

One more day, more hacking or in the case of the moon, a few more hacks. Russia has recently been charged by the United States and Great Britain for an international hacking campaign, involving forceful entry into millions of computers and other devices, including WiFi and modem.

Tens or hundreds of thousands of devices have been pointed out and reported in the United Kingdom, then why is Vladimir Putin so keen to force our data?

First, it's a little unbelievable that Putin or his agents are trying to steal Amazon's address, or simply want to break your connection to the Internet. This is something that only criminals hackers will aspire to.

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The hacking of intelligence agencies is different. Fortunately, experts say the latter are less dangerous. Agencies that have the ability to hack on a large scale often allow hackers to attack any tangible device until they catch up with any useful targets.

States hunt each other so that if they ever start a war between them, they can disable important government systems. It is not just Russia that develops such activities.
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