Del Pierro threatens Real: Juventus is Juventus

Del Pierro threatens Real: Juventus is Juventus
Alessandro Del Piero believes that this may be the year when Paulo Dybala becomes a superstar in the Champions League, while Juventus prepares for a first encounter in the quarterfinals of this competition with Real Madrid on Tuesday.

Del Piero's legacy of the white shirt no.10 has made a strong recovery from late injury, scoring decisive goals in the Serie A relegation with Lazio last month and in the Champions League at Wembley for eliminating Tottenham Hotspur.

Scoring the goals of Barcelona's elimination last season, Del Piero is supporting the Argentine to be the creator of the difference against Real Madrid in the quarterfinals. "Every year he is climbing to another level," Del Piero told Goal, in his role as Champions League ambassador. - He showed much in these two games, against Lazio and Spurs. Dybala is a very good guy and an incredible talent, we do not need to mention his quality, but what I say with pleasure is that he is growing every year. Maybe this year is the best year for her. "

Dybala had a "pit stop" in 2018 due to an injury that kept him from a series of off-field Serie A games and the first Champions League 1/8 final against Tottenham. Del Piero hopes he can finish the season in a high form, starting on Tuesday. "This season, he made an incredible start," said the Champions League winner in 1996.

- Dybala was marking several goals for the match, he was playing so well and led Juventus forward. Then the injury came, but then returned with a goal against "Spurs". In the same week, he scored in Rome, against Lazio, so Juventus had the opportunity to go ahead of Napoli. It will be very interesting to understand how this season will end for him. "

Juventus returned from the "clutches" of elimination against Tottenham at Wembley and Del Piero believes that this is a key moment for European giants such as Juventus and Real Madrid. History is important: "The way you build a season is important and then there are magical situations like this. Let's get Real Madrid. They are not playing well this season in La Liga, they are in fourth place but feel comfortable in this competition.

Madrilenians usually win against everyone, but on the other hand is you. When the Bianconeri understand that it is time to win, they win. This is very important because the London match against Tottenham was very difficult, especially after the first game. And they found a way to turn the game to get the qualification, "concludes the white icon, Del Piero.

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