Health: Eat slowly and you live better

Eat slowly and you live better

There is a Chinese saying that "The less you eat, the more you taste it, and the more you eat, the less you taste it!"

However, few people want to eat slowly.


An edible meal should last from half an hour to one hour, so when you start eating quickly and quickly, remember the benefits of slow meals.

Just think about the hours spent in the kitchen to prepare this food ... it makes no sense to eat it for 10-15 minutes.

But what do you eat if you eat slowly?

You will start to feel different tastes
If you eat slowly and chew the whole meal, this will become a wonderful experience, not just eating food. Diet should be treated with caution. Try to judge color, taste, aroma ...

Reduce the risk of overdrinking
The brain needs 20 minutes to send the signal that you are saturated. If you eat slowly, your brain will have time to understand that you have eaten enough.

You will reduce the risks of digestive problems

Fast food consumption can cause digestive problems, stomach pain, headache, and other health problems. See food eating as an activity in which you can relax and enjoy the mask.

But how to eat slowly?

Eat before you get hungry

If you are very hungry, it will be difficult to resist food and eat uncontrollably. It is best to eat food at all times.

Plan three main meals and two meals each day, always at a certain time.

-Take it as long as you eat
The usual advice is: during meals - after one morsel, rest until the next morsel.

-Concentrate on food
Often, as long as we eat, either watch TV or do chatter and think different things.

But keep in mind that it does not control how much food we are consuming. Focus on yourself and what you are eating and enjoying!

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