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Stephen Hawking left behind powerful messages, for all those who are going through difficult moments

Stephen Hawking left behind powerful messages, for all those who are going through difficult moments

He was not just one of the greatest physicists of our time. Stephen Hawking left behind a series of inspirational messages for all of us. Today, we have thought to put our eyes on a few sentences again, dedicated to all those who are going through difficult moments in their lives.

In a lecture at the Royal Institution in London in January 2016, Stephen Hawking said the following about people struggling with depression:

"The message of this lesson is that black holes are not as black as draws. They are not like the eternal prisons that we all think ... Items can emerge from a black hole on the other side, or perhaps in another universe. So if you feel like you are in a black hole, do not give in. There is always a way to succeed. Remember to look up to the stars and not down to your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and the reason for what makes the universe exist. Be curious. As difficult as life seems to you, there is always something you can do and where to reap success. "

As a man who passed through a series of difficulties and lived a bold and wonderful life, these tips could not have the best source of giving.

In the same lecture, his daughter Lucy told the audience that the motivation and motivation he had had kept her father alive:

"He has a strong ambition to gather all his knowledge, energies and concentration just to move forward. And not just move forward by simply living, but by writing books, giving lectures, and inspiring people with neurodegenerative disease or other disabilities. "

Stephen Hawking was one of those who appreciated the things he had:

"It was a disaster devoid of a neuromotor disease, but I'm lucky in almost everything else. I was fortunate to work on theoretical physics, in which my inability did not constitute a serious obstacle. "

"It's also important not to be bored, no matter how difficult it is to look at life, because anyone can lose any hope unless you smile for yourself and life in general," he said.  

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