Health: What is the age when children need to brush their teeth?

What is the age when children need to brush their teeth?
Toothbrush, chinchinos, fluoride ... There is an age for everything.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) 60-90% of children belonging to 1-7 year old age groups have problems with oral health and caries. To prevent it, appropriate advice should be obtained and appropriate tooth brushing should be started.


Various studies have shown that even when the first tooth comes out there is a risk to be affected by caries. Initially, brushing should only be done with special brushes, soft and appropriate to the age of the child without using a toothpaste. By the age of two, the child gets dressed with a brush, can choose one with a bigger tail and figure, but no pastries should be used.

When the child reaches 2 years of age, washing should be a daily ritual of his hygiene. Over time, little tooth can be used, but in very small quantities. Starting from the age of 3, it should begin to wash with a cholineric amount of nearly a pile of beans 2 times a day. In this period, the washing of the tongue begins, where the bacteria accumulate more and accumulates the bad breath of the mouth. This is also the age when the child knows how to spit.

Fluorinated paste cleans the teeth best, strengthens enamel, makes it more stable and prevents tooth decay (caries). Fluorine is therefore extremely important for toddlers.

Since not all children have developed the same sputum reflex, the best is choosing a fluorescent paste of 250-500ppm for those under 6, 500-1500ppm for those 6-12 years old and 1000- 2000ppm for the growns. 

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