Artificial intelligence creates the first poems

Artificial intelligence creates the first poems

The first poems created by artificial intelligence are a bit naive, to recall a child's phrases, but constitute a first step towards a new, imitation of human language-based skill with a technique based on the observation of a large number of images.


These data from the study published in the online archive of "arXiv" scientific articles, in which the publications have not yet undergone the review process.

Microsoft researchers and Japan's Kyoto University have perfected algorithms capable of linking textual images. These programs are, in a way, "trained" through the use of thousands of images in order to link them with rhyme or meaningful phrases.

Once the initial stage of scholarship finishes, algorithms have faced the test of writing, realizing a rhyme after observing suggestive images similar to psychological behavioral tests that relate images to human emotions. The results are still preliminary and consist of simple texts such as " the sky is gray and cloudy, it is calm and peaceful "to recall the phrases of a child. But as these francs came to third parties, they were not able to discern whether these rhymes were written by a child or one algorithm.This, according to the authors, constitutes an important limitation to the automatic generation of a poetic language through images. 

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