Diet 22

Diet 22
After helping famous stars, the 22-day diet has gained a lot of attention, and the goal is certainly weakening. It's less than a month to lose the double the weight you promise other diets.

Briefly, it is "only" a matter of changing lifestyle. Because by changing this style, our genes are modified, activating those that keep us in good shape, and disabling those that favor cardiopathy, tumors, diabetes, and so on. The result is striking, and the change comes to more than 500 genes in just three months.

"Decide to put in new healthy habits for 21 days, and on the 22nd day you will find a better version of yourself. If it came out for three weeks, it could go out forever, "says Marco Borges, Beyonce nutritionist and many other well-known names.

The right steps to succeed?

Step one: Foods coming from the ground to donate new body energy.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits 
more natural a food is, the better it is. The consumption of fruits and vegetables as naturally allows the organism to focus on disinhibition. Processed foods undermine general wellbeing, often giving rise to gastric disturbances or the presence of artificial preservatives.

Consumption of three full meals per day
People are healthy because they eat until they have the feeling of satiety. Follow your intimate signals and eat slowly. Three meals a day, and never eat before you sleep. You should eat two hours before you sleep.

Report 80-10-10
When consuming fruits and vegetables calories are no longer fixed. For a healthy diet, the ratio of 80% carbohydrates, 10% fats and 10% protein is easy to maintain with this regime. This is because fruits and vegetables are rich in complex carbohydrates and poor in fats.

30 minutes a day physical exercise
Vegetable consumption will reprogram the organism, while physical activity will ensure that this reprogramming lasts in time. Remember that one does not rule out the other. An effective weight loss is dedicated to 75% nourishing regimen and 25% physical activity.

Drink water
Water is the best thing. Even sweet-tasting teas are very good, or lemon juice. Leave the sparkling drinks, avoid teaspoons or candied lemons, and remember that drinks with added sugars and alcohol are "empty calories" that lead you to waste. Start the day with a glass of lemon juice, an aid for rehydration and digestion.

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