MYSTERY: Find out what your sexual dreams mean

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Have you ever wake up completely confused with sex dreams because of which you are scared? Verify if you have any cause for concern!

The love dreams foresee success, women dream of former partners, while unknown males, former partners symbolize monotony in bed, orgasm and incredibly low, while betrayal means unrealized desires, reports Telegraph.

However, their frequency and content are not an unusual phenomenon, and each of them has its own clear reasons. Plenty of signs that show our desires, plans and concerns.


Seeing in your dreams that your partner is betraying you is still a troublesome experience, but that does not mean that betrayal also happens in reality. Most commonly is the consequence of emotional abandonment. If your partner's business obligations are increased while he has less and less time to devote to you, the dream of his betrayal is a welcome consequence.

Sex "surprise"

Sexual experience with someone who is not attracted to you in reality tells you what a person's personality you like and who you secretly want to have for yourself.

Make love with a stranger

It's one of the most common dreams. The dream stranger, which consumes an intense relationship, corresponds to a part you do not recognize or fails to accept.

Sex with the ex-in

In this way your brain is relieved of emotions, especially if he or she has left you. If you are already in a new relationship, such a dream can mean that you have fallen into a routine. The former has emerged as a sign that you must once again encourage passion.

Sex with many people

If you've seen in a dream like having sex with many partners, something in real life lacks you. If women dominate in dreams, you lack mildness, if you are male and have been dominant, then you lack the physical touch, such as hugging and getting used to the partner, experts say.

The person you hate

More confusion can bring you dreams when you are in a fiery hug with the person you really hate. But, although it seems impossible, that person, though it is undesirable, has qualities that you also want to have.

The same sex partner

Do not panic if you dream about sex with the same sex partner. That does not mean that you have changed your sexual orientation, but seek more understanding and care from your partner.

Sex with a stranger

Making sex with the enigmatic stranger is your desire, enrich your life and enter more mysteries there. Such a dream is even more important if you and your partner do not have a satisfying sex life. The "triple" sex dream can signal the desire to leave the monotony and turn a spark on your link.

Making sex in a public place

Such a dream is entirely related to your desire to do new things and fails to express exhibitionism because you are afraid.

Make love with the boss

It shows you are completely drawn to power and wants to convince yourself that you can do for yourself, even those who seem unattainable. 

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