China: Two US diplomats show symptoms of mysterious disease

China: Two US diplomats show symptoms of mysterious disease

The State Department urgently removed two other Americans as they suffer from a "mysterious illness" due to strange sounds heard in China, The New York Times wrote on Wednesday. The case is added to dozens of other cases reported with victims of US diplomats in Cuba and China.

A spokesman for the US Foreign Ministry was not available to comment on the report. The Reuters news agency was not immediately in a position to verify the report from independent sources.

According to the Times, a team of doctors flew to the US consulate in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou to test diplomats and diplomatic staff members.

To date, twenty-five American diplomats and family members, 24 in Cuba and one in China have shown symptoms of this strange illness, according to the State Department.

Symptoms and clinical findings point to those that occur in cases of concussion or moderate severity of brain injuries, according to the US Foreign Ministry.

US diplomacy chief Mike Pombeo, in a statement released Tuesday, stressed that a panel has been formed since last month to direct the US government's response to "these unexplained health incidents" of diplomats and family members their.

"The exact nature of the injuries (...) and whether there are common causes for all cases have not been ascertained yet," Pompeo said.

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