Guatemala: Surveys to locate survivors from the volcano -200 missing

Surveys to locate survivors around Guatemala's Fuego volcano were halted again today for security reasons three days after the devastating explosion that killed at least 99 people.
About 200 people remain missing.
Rescuers work frantically to locate survivors and victims in the lunar landscape created by lava and volcanic ash. However, Conred's National Disaster Management Agency, David Leone, today announced that it has temporarily stopped investigating and advised residents to avoid the region that remains extremely risky.
"Weather conditions and still incinerated remains in affected areas" jeopardize the physical integrity of rescuers, he explained. 
"We recall that explosions may occur in this zone and rain can cause sludge and ash landslides," he added. Investigations may resume if field conditions improve.
According to the last report of the authorities, 99 people were killed by the eruption of the volcano, 58 others were injured and 197 missing in the Esquirela community and its surroundings. Until now, only 28 of the victims have been identified.
Gradually, international aid to Guatemala is being organized. Yesterday, an American military aircraft transferred to a Texas Specialty Hospital six children who had suffered severe burns. 
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