Pain during sex

According to experts, every third woman suffers from pain while having sex. Since not all the representatives of fair sex in pain, contact the doctor, in fact this problem may be more common. Some women prefer to accept this situation or wait for it to go by itself. However, our body includes a protective function and ultimately these women have fear and disgust before sex. And this, as you know, has extremely adverse effects on partner relations. In any case, the problem needs to be solved.

Why does it hurt when I have sex?

Obstetricians have formulated the main reasons to show this unpleasant phenomenon. Every woman should know that every problem in sexual life can be eliminated, the main thing - to study the problem in detail and not to delay its decision.

  • First Sex Pain. According to statistics, 90% of women experience severe pain during the first sex. The main cause of this pain is the fear faced by most girls before their first love exercise. Fear causes contraction of the muscles of the body, and especially - the muscles of the vagina. As a result, painful sensations appear. Also, these sensations can arise when the hermetic rupture is broken down. Typically, a woman's lady is elastic and easily expandable and in her first sexual intercourse she remains intact. On rare occasions, the nerve endings are in the spit, so the first sex pain is a consequence of fear and tension. To avoid these unpleasant sensations, you have to trust your sexual partner.
  • Vaginism. From vaginism affects about 10% of women in our Planet. Vaginism is a psychological problem associated with the first unsuccessful sex experience. If the first sexual intercourse in life or first contact with a particular partner was unsuccessful, a woman develops fear, which later causes cramps in the muscles of the vagina. This, in turn, leads to painful sensations for both women and men. Similar spasms may also occur during examination in the gynecologist. To get rid of this problem you need to work on yourself and change your attitude towards sex.
  • Gynecological diseases. Any infection in a woman's body may be a long time does not occur and does not cause discomfort during sex. However, sooner or later the virus starts to bother. One of the main signs of sexual illnesses is abdominal or vaginal pain in women. If these unpleasant feelings are repeated regularly, you must hear an alarm. This pain can be manifested in women in a number of ways, some experience pain in the sex side, others - pain after love. To locate an infection, it is necessary to take an exam from a gynecologist. If a disease is detected, the course of treatment must pass to both partners. During sex therapy, it is best to avoid or use a condom
  • Lack of lubrication.  Insufficient lubrication release from a woman may occur during sexual pain in the lower abdomen and the vagina. Lack of lubrication can be caused by hormonal failure in a woman's body, psychological problems or using contraceptives.
  • Pain during sex during pregnancy. Pregnancy is an amazing natural process that leads to great changes in a woman's body. Woman during pregnancy may experience pain during sexual intercourse, especially if she is concerned about the upcoming change in her life. This period is necessary to survive, eventually everything will return to normal. If necessary, consult a doctor, only he will be able to give a precise answer as to why there was no pain during sexual intercourse.

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