Scientists discover the planet where 1 year lasts only 20 days

Scientists discover the planet where 1 year lasts only 20 days
The unusual discovery of a planet was carried out by a team of Indian scientists. It is the first time there is a planet that orbits a star very similar to the Sun. 

The planet is baptized with the EPIC label 211945201b or K2-236b and is quite large, about 27 times larger than the Earth. This discovery places India among the few countries that confirm the existence of a planet outside our solar system. 

Localization of exoplanets is not a novelty in our day. In fact more than 3700 confirmed, most of which was discovered and confirmed by Nasa's Kepler telescope. 

This planet was recently discovered by Kepler as a candidate for the planet, but it was the team of Indian scientists who confirmed the existence of the planet rather than a comet or any astronomical object. 

Experts took 1 and a half years to the PRL Gurushikhar Observatory in Mount Abu, India, studying the light changes coming from the star of the planet and confirming its size. 

The planet orbits a star similar to the Sun, but is 7 times closer to its star than the Earth with the Sun, which means that the temperature can go 600 ÂșC and even hot and dry to life. 

Consequently, a year on this planet lasts roughly 19.5 days. There is a mass about 27 times the size of the earth and it is estimated that the radius is 6 times larger. However, the K2 photometric data did not provide the planetary natural confirmation of this system, so an independent mass assessment was needed for this discovery that was performed by the PARAS spectrogram.

Although the chances of finding life signs are low for K2-236b, astronomers signal that its finding is very significant because it helps astronomers find more detail about how planets of this kind, such as Neptune or Saturn, are capable of being so close their star.

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