This’s why you should not drink the hot coffee

This’s why you should not drink the hot coffee

Most of us can not imagine the beginning of the day without their favorite drink, coffee. However, where it is hot, as is the case nowadays, it would be wise to avoid it, especially the afternoon coffee.

The problem lies in what coffee (as well as black tea) contains a lot of caffeine, a substance that raises blood pressure, accelerates the pulse, but can also cause the "dance" of the heart.

Unfortunately, this pressure increase is only momentary, and precisely because of the caffeine stop, it can come to the clot. We are sure you do not want to wake up or come to a stroke or stroke.

Also, caffeine is a strong diuretic, which means it encourages the faster removal of fluid from the body, both in sweat and in frequent ejaculation, leading to dehydration.

The problem lies in the fact that together with the juices from the body are also removed precious minerals, such as salts, iron, magnesium or calcium.

Even a bad thing, for those who have the case that these days get tanned and want to skim the skin, is that with its dehydrating properties, the coffee said the skin and in this way leads to faster creations of wrinkles.

Impact on the psyche

As for the psyche, there is no good combination of coffee and heat, because the coffee promotes the production of stress hormone, adrenaline and cortisol, which in unfilled transport in the city without acclimatization can strengthen the symptoms of fear, but will also affect the collapse of the sugar level.

Also, during the summer the days are longer, while during the warm nights, sleep less, while the coffee just keeps us awake and destroys quality sleep. It is especially dangerous if you decide on icy ice-cream with lots of sugar and milk.

Not only is it a calorie bomb that you trash, but in no way is good for health. You may also increase your sugar level and you are not sure about the quality of milk, which is likely to keep you close to the toilet bowl for days.

If you are hung on coffee and you know in advance that you can not adhere to the advice that the coffee does not drink at all, then drink only one black coffee in the morning, no sugar and milk and nothing in the empty stomach.
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