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When do we start to remember the events of life?

When do we start to remember the events of life?

Scientists have always considered that childhood memories begin with three and a half years of life.

Now, however, California Davis University scientists say we remember what happened when we were two years old.

A brain area responsible for memory has been found, which can be activated even before the child begins to talk.

The team, led by the scientist Simon Geta, observed the hippocampus, a small, deep center-of-brain structure.

They noticed that the hippocampus was more active when the child was singing a twin that the child had heard.

The area was not stimulated when a new song was played or when it was sung by another voice. Scientists in 2005 confirmed that 80 percent of children aged five and a half recall episodes that occurred when they were only three years old.

Up to seven and a half years old remember less than 40 percent. This shows that children can remember the events, but they do not last long as they happen to adults.