6 serious illnesses warning you of your backache

6 serious illnesses warning you of your backache
Backache can be a symptom of a dangerous disease and requires care.


The pain in this part of the back can be alarm for any serious illness or injury. To avoid any serious health situation, be careful and "interpret" the symptoms.

Arterial aneurysms

Aneurysm appears when the artery wall weakens allowing it to abnormally lengthen and swell. Such swelling can occur in any part of the body, but most commonly thought of in the aorta, which stretches from the heart, through the chest to the stomach.

When her inflammation occurs, her back pain is sudden. Damage to it may be life-threatening and causes internal bleeding. The common occurrence is in men over the age of 60, who are smokers and have cholesterol.

Inflammation of the colon

More than half of people who suffer from stomach inflammation have symptoms such as vomiting, vomiting and ache on the left side of the stomach. In some people the stingray is near the kidneys, so when this mysterious body has inflammation or damage, it causes pain in the back, rather than the abdomen.

If you suspect you have a problem with the stomach, seek immediate help from the doctor because it may shed and cause hematoma, and eventually death.

Gynecological problems

There are also some "down" things, which can cause pain in the back of women. For example, 25% of women suffer from uterine rotation when the uterus is moved back, but menstrual pains can also cause pain in the back.


This disease is known as bone density and is a disease of calm for which most do not even know that they are osteoporosis. The most common symptoms are back pain. Often, osteoporosis leads to weakening of the spine's backbones so that they simply crumble.

When the bone bumps, then there is terrible pain, sometimes pain may be absent. If you are hurting your back around the cord or you have diminished in the past years, you should definitely check it out.


The lower part of the back is particularly vulnerable to this disease, because it faces most of the back.

There are different types of arthritis, which have different symptoms. The disease can be cured if detected in time.

Kidney stones

The good news is that this unwanted kidney content that is created due to the large concentration of urine, is extracted from the body without harming the internal organs. The bad news is that people who have thrown out a stone say that in life there have never been any major pains.

Kidney stones often cause people to go to the doctor. It is suspected that the causes are heavy body weight and climate change, because warm weather leads to dehydration and kidney stones. Of course, there is not any alarm pain to go to the doctor.

If the pain does not pass or decrease for a few days, while you have taken some pain medication, then seek medical help. If the pain decreases, then maybe you just slept badly or stay in the wind.

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