Heavy attack of mosquitoes on the town of Russia (Photo)

A host of endless mosquitoes are encircling Russia's Voronezh region, while many are scared to go out. Reports talk about starving pets. Authorities are trying to stop snappy insects, as the number grows.

Hot weather and record floods have created ideal conditions for mosquitoes, helping to increase the number of their population. The invasion of insects has affected at least six areas in the Voronezh region.

People suffer from bites that cause scarring and swelling and say it's "impossible" to leave their homes. Children refuse to go to school as they immediately "get drunk alive" by insects. 
Even at home people find little shelter, as small mosquitoes can crawl through every crack they can find. Outside is much worse, because the roads can not be seen.

The creams and insect killers are now the best-selling items in stores, while many have commissioned to create customized clothes and netting covers to escape from mosquitoes. 

There were reports of being pigs, pigs and birds killed because of insects. Desperate residents scattered on social media, photos and videos that looked more like a horror movie. 

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