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People revenge their friend by killing 292 crocodiles

It happened in a reserve in the Sorong district. Local police opened an investigation
They marched armed with knives, machetes and shovels and massacred 292 crocodiles hosted in a reserve in the Sorong district of western Papua. So a hundred people wanted to take revenge for the death of their fellow citizens, who two days earlier had been torn by one of those reptiles.

According to Indonesian newspapers, the killed man had fallen into the crocodile area while he was looking for some grass to give to his cattle. In all likelihood the breeder had not noticed that he had been pointed to by one of the animals. "An attendant heard someone shouting and asking for help - said the head of the Indonesian National Agency for the Conservation of Natural Resources Basar Manullag - He came quickly, but when he arrived the crocodile had already rushed on the man".

When the news of the attack spread, among the inhabitants of the city the fury started: after the funeral of the man relatives, friends and fellow citizens decided to get justice and to avenge the death. In numerical inferiority, law enforcement officials said they could not do anything to defend the animals. 

The family, the head of the local conservation agency reported, had also accepted compensation from the reserve. Local authorities have opened an investigation to ascertain responsibility for the carnage. 


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