10 things you should know about vitamins

10 things you should know about vitamins

There are data about vitamins, which you should know before you start using them. These are the ten most basic ones.

If the refrigerator contains ingredients that contain oils, fatty acids or probiotics, and if the vitamins stay for a longer period near them, they will be totally useless, Telegraph reports.

People who use aspirin often lose urine through vitamin C. In that case they should consume large amounts of vitamin C in order to maintain a normal blood level.

Synthetic and natural 
Synthetically based supplements The body absorbs more easily than those that are made from natural resources.

Advantages of vitamin B12 
You might want to use vitamin B12 not to eat too much meat. It helps protect the nervous system and is mainly found in products of animal origin. Vegetarians, however, have to use vitamin B12 because what is found in plant foods is not enough for the body.

Although vitamins are good, for you does not mean you have to consume vitamin C or magnesium in large quantities because they can cause diarrhea. Other vitamins can lead to liver damage.

If you use multivitamins, which contain iron you should be careful with the amount you consume. Pregnant women may cause vomiting, while in anemic persons can overload the body. Iron excess can be harmful to the liver, heart, and pancreas, especially in men.

Vitamins A, D, E and should be consumed with low-fat food. This will help the body maximally utilize its strengths.

Some medicines affect the absorption of supplements and damage the vitamins found in your body. If you use prescription medication, ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any vitamins that you should not consume during those days when using the medicine.

What is written on the label does not even specify precisely what is contained in the content. Research for yourself and test your food products and find out if they are suitable for use.

You need to know that vitamins are not security officers. Many people do not pay attention to food while consuming vitamins through tablets or pills, but it should be noted that this is not a complete substitute for foods that naturally offer an assortment of vitamins and minerals. 

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