14 ways to be better at work

Many people list the things they will do at the beginning of each year. Work takes great place in these lists. If you want to be the best in your job, here's what to do.

On the eve of the shift of the years, many people make plans to change according to the mentality "to leave behind the old, to invent new ones". Usually, in these plans, work occupies a great place.
Nobody has a perfect life at work and everyone needs improvement. Many people aspire to be better at work because it results in greater happiness and personal satisfaction.

Why do people feel that way at the end of the year?
When people see date January 1 in the calendar, this for them psychologically and numerically represents a new beginning. We spend most of our time working and it is natural to reflect on our work life and career from a broader perspective shortly before the end of the year, and we try to become better workers in the coming year.

If you are now feeling that way, below are 14 things you can do better at work in Future:

  1. Predict the needs of your department
Take on the tasks that your department head does not need to supervise directly and present him / her with the finished product. When you do so, your leaders see that you can perform tasks proactively and that there is no need for each assignment to fall on his / her shoulders.

  1. Know your boss / boss better
Your boss / supervisor checks your luck at work, so it is in your interest to know him better both personally and professionally. It does not mean that you have to become friends, but you need to learn what you care about. The more you communicate with your boss, the better for you.

  1. Claim to succeed
Your positive approach can be seen in your facial expression, your attitude as well as the tone of voice and speech speed. Show self-confidence at work. You are qualified to do exactly what you do.

  1. Study your industry
Your industry is constantly changing and you have to be aware of what is happening. Most industries have revisions or websites with the latest news of that particular industry. It is important to read them so you are well informed and able to discuss events and changes in your industry with your colleagues, supervisors and management. Information is power.

  1. Always provide a solution to a problem
If you offer an idea, it means that you provided only half of the equation. Most managers consider that an idea without a concrete action plan will create more work for them. Provide a clear implementation plan for your ideas and your leader will appreciate it.
Find a mentor

Everyone needs someone to teach the way; someone who will guide you through your career. Find someone in your company, someone whom you respect and whom you would like to learn. You do not have to ask for it straightforward to become your mentor - just be open to communicating with her and dine together from time to time. You can talk to him about things that do not have to do with work - but when you need advice about the job, they'll give it to you.

  1. Improve your communication skills
One of the most common mistakes that managers and workers make today is that very often, both sides are afraid to sit down on the table and talk about the underlying issues. The fear of confusion is too great, but if you communicate boldly, more often and more sincerely in 2014, and if you are not afraid to resolve conflicts, you will increase chances of lowering your work stress and to be a better worker. Much time is spent with misunderstood communications of workers, which, if not timely addressed, will lead to conflict. And the ever tempting push to rely on the technology and the advantages that it offers can only exacerbate the situation.

  1. Work more and more cleverly
Some workers set themselves limits and limits in terms of working hours or how many jobs they want to perform on a project. It is important to overcome these boundaries and follow the natural course. So working harder is not enough. The key to doing this is to work smarter so you maximize your skills and do the best while you work. "

  1. Do not shake yourself
If you go beyond what is normal or if you have been called "job-seekers" or if you feel generally exhausted, it's time to slow down your pace and not target yourself unreachable goals in the year other.

  1. Volunteer to engage in specific projects
The more help you offer in all business units, the better. If you provide expertise, time and effort to other teams, it will help you to know other aspects of your business business as well as help you connect with people.

  1. Please note the general statement.
There are many workers who focus only on their work and this prevents them from seeing the overall picture. You are just a piece of the puzzle and the puzzle can not be resolved without putting all the pieces in their place. Learn what your colleagues do and what your supervisor does. If the overall picture is clearer, it will also be clear to you why you were asked to carry out certain projects.

  1. Keep learning so that you remain in the game.
Many companies encourage their employees to learn and choose courses that help them do their job better. If you are studying in Business Administration (MBA), try to apply immediately the knowledge that you have received, as this may attract the attention of the decision-makers to your company and tell them what it can do for the company.

  1. Ask the right questions
Even if you have to watch your colleagues at work, there may be no better way to learn than ask questions, and especially ask the right questions. Do not be afraid to ask. Think in advance what you want to know before asking, and do not ask too many questions because people will begin to think that you are taking the time without the need.

  1. Compile all your duties and commitments
One of the most important things you can do as a worker is to fulfill your commitments at work. Do what you promise to do in a qualitative manner, within the deadline and the budget.

Other lighter ways to be better at work in future:
Pay more attention to details; do not complain; Become part of the team and go beyond the limits.
From the worker's point of view, the more you show your dedication, dedication, skills and potential in front of your employer, the more it will help you while reviewing positions and pay at the end of the year. If you are the best at work it can result in financial rewards as well as in expanding responsibilities and opportunities for upgrading. Employers can consider where other companies can use your skills, not just in your current position. If you are better at work, it will only help you. The better you are, the more people you look at, the more likely they will be ahead of you in the long run.
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