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Concerns about polluted air, inside and outside

Nine in 10 people on our planet absorb polluted air, says the World Health Organization, with indoor air pollution, which is a major and generally unknown problem. The latest WHO report says air pollution kills 7 million people every year in the marginalized population in countries such as Africa and Asia, which bear the bulk of the burden.

"This is important and unacceptable," says WHO official Dr. Maria Neira.

Spotted air, both inside and outside, leads to stroke and heart disease, lung cancer and chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma. While most people associate air pollution with outdoor sources, such as the release of gases in factories and cars, the WHO report says domestic pollution causes nearly 4 million deaths a year.

"Three billion people in the world ... almost half of the world's population ... are still relying on highly polluting fuels for cooking, heating or lighting," Dr. Neira. They include kerosene, wood and other solid fuels instead of the cleanest sources, such as electricity and gas. "This is something we have to solve. We need to increase access to clean fuels and clean energy for this very important part of our population."

Dr. Neira announced that the WHO will host the first Global Air Pollution Conference at the end of October in Geneva, where it will seek ways to solve the problem.

Concerns about polluted air, inside and outside