Do you know why each testis is always below the other?

If you ever asked why your testicles are not symmetrically equal and you worry if this is bad. The truth is that all men have one bigger testis than the other, while one is always slightly below.

Unlike women who have ovaries, the testicles are male genital warts. Their average size is about five centimeters, transmits Telegraph.

When a man grows, the volume of the testis can increase up to 500 percent in relation to the size before puberty.

At puberty, sperm production begins, approximately 70 million a day, and male genital hormone - testosterone, which, among other things, forms the thicker voice, the beard and the increase in muscle mass and body mass ...

It is normal for one testis to be lower than the other (most often left), while it is natural that there is a difference in size. This is because of the vascular and anatomical structure on the left and right side of the bladder and the testis.

Precisely, this asymmetry is a very wise idea of ​​evolution - the testicles are not the same because of the absence when the man walks.

Well, men, what your "goggles" are not doing perfectly, is exactly the best thing to preserve your masculinity.

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