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How to get your pressure right

Many people think that taking your pressure is not great. And it's not really hard to put the cuff on your arm and activate the blood pressure gauge . However, if you have a serious health problem and you need to measure accurately and your pressure is the right one, you should follow the following tips faithfully.

 How to get your pressure right

Before you take your pressure

1. Many things can make your blood pressure rise for a short time. Make sure you do not have to use the toilet and that you have not eaten a big meal. Do not measure your blood pressure within 30 minutes of caffeine consumption or smoking.
2. Wear loose clothing such as a short sleeve t-shirt so you can lift your sleeve comfortably.
3. Before taking your measurements with the blood pressure monitor , rest for five minutes. You should sit in a quiet place, preferably in an office or a table, with your hand resting on a firm surface and your feet on the floor.
4. Make sure your arm rests and the cuff around your hand is at the same level as your heart. You may need to hold your hand with a pillow to make sure it is at the right height. Your arm should be loose and not tightened.

How to take your blood pressure using a blood pressure monitor

1. Put the cuff by following the instructions on your screen.
2. Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. If you are anxious this will make your blood pressure rise temporarily.
3. When you do your measurement, stay silent. Movement and speech can affect the effects of the blood pressure monitor .
4. Take two or three measurements, each with about two minutes difference between them, and then calculate the average. Some people find that their first measurement is much higher than the next ones.
5. Record your count, either in the memory of your screen, or on the computer or on paper.

Tips for your metrics

- Do not round up your measurements up or down - if you do not keep accurate blood pressure measurements, it can affect the treatment you receive. 
- Do not worry if you have an unexpected high measurement - once it may not be anything to worry about. Measure your blood pressure with the 
blood pressure monitor at another time, but if you find that it is still high after a while, visit your doctor. 
- Do not control your blood pressure too often. This may increase your blood pressure in the short term. Being worried about blood pressure measurements can make it higher.