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NASA: Discovered mystery hidden in Mars

On Thursday, the US Space Agency, NASA, has announced to the public, one of the most exciting discoveries that has been made so far on the Red Planet. 

The "Curiosity" robot, which is located since 2012 in March, has been able to reveal an organic matter on the surface of the red planet, which reinforces the idea that once this planet has been inhabited. 

Despite this great discovery, skeptics have stated that this finding does not necessarily mean that Mars has been alive, though they have admitted that it should continue with research.

"Opportunities to find signs of a former life on Mars just added to us," said Aswin Vasavada, the scientist of this project. 

But what are organic matter? They are only a remnant of life forms and this discovery to find them on Mars was made by two different groups of scientists who came to the same conclusion. 

Now, scholars will try to bring these samples to Earth to carry out a more detailed analysis, which will show the origin and form of this organism.
According to scientists, Mars has been inhabited several million years ago and these remains prove this very theory.

Photos: NASA