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Prefer soft drinks with natural mineral water?

Prefer soft drinks with natural mineral water?
More and more companies are promoting soft drinks, based on natural mineral water. But are there really benefits from this innovation of the companies that promote them? Do they have the same delight?

However, the public is not left unimpaired by such soft drinks, as their consumption is gaining more and more credit in international markets.

Natural mineral water is preferable to the various types of drinking water because it contains minerals and trace elements while being free from all kinds of chemical treatment as opposed to table water from springs, wells, wells, desalination waters and having the same drinking water composition, which may be delicious, but often due to groundwater pollution, are necessarily chemically treated to meet international regulations a consumption. Natural mineral water comes from underground springs that are free from pollutants, so they are naturally enriched with potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium while having a plethora of trace elements at the same time.

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The metals, which contain natural mineral water, strengthen the health of the joints, muscles and the nervous system. The increased carbon dioxide content stimulates the body by increasing oxygen production and thus revitalizing cells by giving us energy and youthfulness. Also, mineral waters used in soft drinks have elevated levels of sulphates, substances that have been studied for positive effects in the body and, in particular, their antioxidant activity and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Consumers' instinct is an infallible criterion, I suggests to the more skeptical of trusting refreshments with natural mineral water as it is a healthier version of our favorite tasting drink. However, we should be conservative in consumption because the sugar and preservatives it contains are not innocuous in large quantities in the body.