The untrue truth of Adolf Hitler's addiction

Nazi Germany was addicted. Taxi drivers, actors, secretaries, retailers, leading businessmen - all received the narcotic pill called Pervit . This coincided with the Aryan philosophy of Nazi dynasty, acting as the ultimate, though artificial, promoter of their high performance.

People worked without interruption for hours, sometimes for days, expanding the interests of the Third Reich more and more. Soon, the German war effort was based on drugs. Pervit , made the German armed forces feel unconvinced , marching for days and fighting without fear of the enemy.

But this also added psychological disorders, building an army and nation of fanatics.
Therefore, it is not surprising that the leader of the country, Adolf Hitler , was regularly drowned. But his daily regime went far beyond. As war progressed,Hitler became more and more dependent on approximately 80 different drugs , always taken by doctor Teodor Morel, writes Daniel Rennie .
According to Norman Ohler's book "Drugs in Nazi Germany," Morel was a hardened opportunist. After serving as a doctor on ships, and then a military physician during World War I, he continued to become the personal doctor of successful athletes, well-known businessmen, and even kings such as the Shah of Persia and the King of Romania.
His career in Berlin flourished when the Nazis ascended to power. Morel 's complex and dark personality raised doubts about his Jewish ancestry and after diminishing his clientele , he joined the Nazi Party to avoid further distrust, and soon began to inject unusual drugs into SS elite troops.
In 1936, Morel met with Fyhrer at a dinner party. Hitler suffered from severe pain and stomach swelling. He persuadedHitler's hypochondriac to swallowMutaflor capsules , which contained ahydrolysed E.Coli and Dr. Kuster's anti -gasses , containing strain grips .
Hitler's symptoms improved instantly.Soon, Morel began giving her a daily dose of Vitamult , a mysterious powder that brought Hitler's energy to the top .
Morel had reached where the other doctors had failed.
Convinced by Morel's medical miracles ,Hitler appointed him as his personal physician in 1937. But Hitler's inner circlefound it difficult to accept. Morel wasrondokop , suffering from excessive sweating, halitosis, and had a severe body odor.
Hitler's girlfriend , Eva Braun , who later was Morel's own patient , was originally distanced from him. But Hitler said, "I do not keep Dr. Morel working for the coming wind, but for my health care."
Morel soon became Hitler's shadow , following him in bunkers, military encounters, on vacation, and even to observe the occupied territory during World War II. These moments were described in Morel's comprehensive journal , which provides a unique evidence of Fyhrer's daily health and mental state .
In his notes, the doctor referred to Hitleras "Patient A," a precautionary measure to protect Hitler's secrecy and himself if his notes fell into the hands of his enemies in the case of the death of the Nazi leader. In August 1941, Hitlerbecame severely ill. By that time, he had received daily injections of vitamins and glucose, but they did not become effective anymore. With nervousness,Morel began to inject animal hormones.Injections to Hitler included metabolicstimulants , sexual hormones, extracts made from semen vesicles , and prostate of young bulls and pigs.
Hitler did not eat meat, but there were animal substances directly injected into his blood.
Morel promised Hitler "immediate recovery," and as Hitler's body was used as a puddle for new drugs he tried, he demanded higher doses and stronger drugs to have an effect. Soon Hitler was as if in a jerm. If he could not sleep, he would get a dose of barbiturates and morphine.
If she had to stay awake, she had injections with ever stronger stimulants .In 1943, Morel began to inject Hitler with large doses of opiates . His health was falling, becoming often sluggish and very old, according to those closest to him.Eukodal , a pharmacological relative of heroin, became Hitler's solution .
He made Hitler euphoric, and with the frequency of large injection doses, he seemed to be addicted. But soon Eukodalwill not suffice. On July 20, 1944, Hitlersuffered slight injuries from a murder attempt at the Wolf Stroogula. This time, the one who treated Fyrherin wasDr.Ervin Giesing , and that as a favorite drug had cocaine.
Since then, Hitler received daily Eukodal , combined with two large doses of cocaine. The Allies began bombing pharmaceutical companies, such as "Merck " in Darmstadt in December 1944. Suddenly the production of Euclidstopped. In January 1945, Hitlerremained without opioids shortly before landing in his underground bunker.
According to Ohler , Hitler became a physical and mental invalid. He was held up by his injections, and now the most important substances that kept that function, the opioids , had disappeared.In despair, he ordered the destruction of important German buildings and ports.Morel remained almost Hitler's doctoruntil the end.
In the last days of the war, Hitler gave permission to leave the Fyhrerbunker .Morel fled from Berlin on one of the last flights. Without his doctor and his injections, Hitler was wholly ill -advised, informing people about him that he would commit suicide.
According to Morel's records , Hitlerreceived a total of 800 injections and 1000 doses of various medications between August 1941 and April 1945.Theodor Morel was never sentenced for war crimes. He was never an ideological person, and his membership in the Nazi Party was seen as strictly for personal gain.

He was enriched during the war by slaughterhouses and factories that produced his animal hormones andVitamult . He won money from contracts that supplied the Nazi military machine with his drugs. But in the end, he was left with nothing. In 1948, Theodor Moreldied in a hospital in Tegernsee by natural causes.
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