This summer put in your diet what your body needs (Health)

This summer put in your diet what your body needs (Health)
The summer has arrived and while many are looking forward to the joys that this season brings - holidays, more time out, away from school and work, at the same time they tremble at the idea of "perfect body for bikini". We all experience a bombardment of dangerous lightning-dieting and unrealistic expectations in the media and the internet that eventually lead to long-term weight gain, lower self-esteem, anxiety, and obsession with the supposed "right" diet.

 This summer, try your diet to reflect the needs of your body and not those that force the tiny bikini you are about to launch on the beach. Avoid marketing the media and models that with the corresponding photo shop show an unrealistic ideal and apply the following practices to cultivate respect and real interest in your body.

Intuitive food
Have you ever wondered how a young child knows exactly what and how much he wants to eat? We are all born with an inherent capacity to know what foods our body needs and when we are full of it. Unfortunately, at some point, someone, a friend, a dietician or a magazine or site told us what we should and should not eat and we lost contact with this inner voice. The good news is that inner wisdom continues to live within each of us and intuitive food consumption is a practice that helps us strengthen this voice by regulating our body to respond to the feeling of hunger and saturation. We must embrace the proper and meticulous nutrition, preventing the mentality of the diet and striking a balance between the pleasure of eating and the intake of the necessary nutrients.

The diet of social media
The only "diet" that can have some value and meaning to follow this summer is the one that you have come to trust through a thorough and thoughtful study. Block people who are not supportive from your Facebook account, do not follow in the Instagram those who are mistaken, throw away magazines that promote unrealistic goals or blogs that do not deal with the needs and peculiarities of each body, extension, of every person. Get information and focus on what inspires you to be the healthiest and most authentic of yourself both physically and intellectually.

Do not condemn your body
The negative attitude and critical comments about the body are everywhere around us. We have come to the point of criticizing and commenting negatively on our body, acting as a link between us, and we often do not realize that if we do not cherish our body, it is most likely not to treat it and not take care of it As it should be. Because our thoughts affect our behaviors, if we want to start acting better on our body, we must begin by shifting our attitude from negative to positive. Try to focus on all the wonderful things your body does and write down if you think it helps. Discuss it with your friends and join forces to support and encourage any healthful change you want for your body without damaging it and releasing it.

Feel well in your body here and now
The reality is that many aspects of our body are out of control, and the more we try to manipulate them to fit a certain size of clothing or to reach some specific weight on the scales, the more we fail and we feel worse. The best thing we can do is treat our body with respect, because health has more to do with behaviors than sizes. Put small, achievable goals, one at a time, based on a healthy diet and exercise program that will allow your body to take time and react in its own way. Each of us is different, so our organization can also react differently. These extra pounds we have to lose are not to fit into bikini fashion magazines but because we want to feel and be healthy but also to offer our body what it deserves. The way we handle the things we like is definitely better than we use in things we do not like. So start with your body as if you like it and your health can thank you for it!

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