Water: the necessary but also "tasteless" ally of our health.

Water: the necessary but also "tasteless" ally of our health.
What are the real daily needs of our body in water and how, those of us who do not drink it with pleasure will we manage to put it in the right amount in our everyday life?

Water accounts for 60% of our total weight, removes toxins from our body, transports all nutrients, helps in good circulation and maintains healthy body weight, adds shine to our skin and reduces muscle inflammation and joints. It has also been seen to prevent urinary tract infections as a sign of urinary tract infections, as well as constipation. A Harvard researcher study found that the risk of bladder cancer is reduced by 50% for those who consume more than six glasses of water per day than those who drink just one glass.

The lack or loss of water causes dehydration and our body can not function properly by sending the message with the feeling of thirst. Even when we are slightly dehydrated, our energy falls and we get tired more easily. Everyday, we lose water through breathing, sweating, urine. In order to have a physical balance, we need to renew the amount of water we lose.

Most know the "golden rule" of the eight glasses of water a day (about 2 liters). This includes water from beverages as well as fruit and vegetables (some containing up to 90% water).

The specialized water intake needs depend on our age and weight and on the activities and living conditions. We need to consume more water in the following situations:

  • Physical exercise
  • Particular ambient conditions such as hot and humid climate or high altitude
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding
Can water be harmful? Although it is rare, when our kidneys can not dispose of unnecessary water, blood electrolytes dissolve and sodium levels fall, leading to hyponatraemia. It is common in those who engage in endurance sports and consume large amounts of water.

The British vascular surgeon Mark Whiteley advises to drink plenty of water but in a prolonged period of time so that brain chemistry is not disturbed.

For those of you who have difficulty drinking the recommended daily amount mainly because the water is tasteless, try the following tips that definitely help:

  • Start your day drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up
  • Always have a bottle of water in your bag or on your desk
  • Hear your body and understand its needs. Experts advise: we drink so much water to quench, not to feel bad
  • Add natural flavor to your water by dropping some fresh herbs such as basil, rosemary, mint or peppermint, or a few slices of lemon or orange or even cinnamon or ginger. Experiment with slices of cucumber or various fruits such as raspberries, strawberries, pineapple and watermelon and make hydration enjoyable.

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