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What to watch out for when drinking water?

What to watch out for when drinking water?

Very often people get used to putting a glass of water on the bedside next to their bed during the night. Sometimes they do not drink it in the evening but when they wake up in the morning they are thirsty and drink it at the time. This is something to be avoided for the sake of our health.

In fact, how dehydrated and if you feel sleep, do not drink the water you will find next to you. Go to the kitchen and put another one. The glass next to your bed is full of powder all night long, and it is very likely that several mosquitoes have been in contact with it and have left several germs on it.

The same goes for a bottle of water purchased a day before. Do not be fooled by the fact that it is closed with a lid, that does not mean anything. This is because plastic has been impregnated by several microbes in our body that have been found in it through our saliva. As Mark Levy, a professor at the Massachusetts Medical Center, says, drinking water in a yesterday's bottle is devastating.

"The germs that are there have been incubated for hours and may have contaminated the water. This means you can get sick easily, "says Levy to continue:" As soon as you open a plastic bottle of water, consume it and throw it away. Do not drink from it the next day. "

And if it seems absurd to get sick of your own bacteria, you have to know that this really is a chance. Little if we even think that many people share their bottle and other people without getting sick, but always real.  

A widespread myth about water is that bottled is cleaner than tap water. But that is not the case. Besides, about 25% of the bottled water comes from central water supplies, which means that much of the water we drink from the bottle and what we drink from the tap is the same.

Another tip that has to do with water and hygiene is that you should not leave any bottle in the car exposed to the sun: in such a case the bottle will have been transformed into the ideal field of bacterial breeding. In general, however, it is advisable to avoid putting your lips in contact with plastic. Put the water in a glass and drink it from there if you can. Your chances of contamination are greatly reduced. 

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