Why We Learn English Language?

Why learn English "in the first place"?

Why learn English "in the first place"?

In principle (according to at least some estimates) it is the most used language in the world. Certainly this raises some debate, but there is no doubt that in some circles this is happening. Nearly one in three people on the planet speaks English either as a first language or as a second or another language. It's hard to find somewhere on the planet that there are not some people who speak English.
Thus, there is no doubt that:
through the Internet that language brings you to the world!
Let's look, though, and some other very important reasons why you may want to learn English:
  • It is an official language in some of the most advanced countries in the world: USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, to some of the largest ones, such as India, Pakistan, you knew it at all like: Philippines, Malaysia, New Guinea, Singapore, Caribbean Islands and we have forgotten some.
  • Why your plans require success in a test (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL ) or a degree (Lower, Proficiency).
  • Of course it is one of the official languages ​​of many international organizations such as the EU, NATO, UN. 
  • Some of the best universities in the world use this language to conduct their courses.
  • Some of the world's most authoritative newspapers, magazines and TV channels use this language. If you are interested in penetrating analyzes and "fresh news" then this is one of the languages ​​that you deserve to know.
  • Many of the most famous books, more comprehensive scientific writings, scientific journals and researches and literary works of human history are written in this language.
  • It is an Indo-European language related to the Greek, and according to some of us, I wish it prevailed as the world language and managed to relieve us forever of the stress of a new Babel or the anxiety that the next generations will need to learn a lot more difficult (eg Chinese).
  • As if not all of this, it is a relatively easy language with great communication effectiveness : messages are transported through one language from one person to another with speed, clarity and elegance.
Whether it is professional or for any other reason,

it is never too late to learn a foreign language.

And if English does not even belong to your "repertoire", then we will give you another reason to start with them now: the latest scientific studies say that learning a foreign language exercises the brain and removes old age and related illnesses such as e.g. Alzheimer's. 

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