Arabica coffee, reconstructed the genome sequence

The sequence of the genome of Coffea arabica has been presented. A partnership led by illycaffè and Lavazza in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Genomics, Iga Technology Services, Dna Analytica and the Universities of Trieste, Udine, Padua and Verona.

"Considered to be unique in the field of genetic research - a statement reads - the genome sequencing project will accelerate the commitment of science to the future of coffee cultivation threatened by climate change". The reconstruction of the Coffea arabica genome, the researchers explain, is made available on the World Coffee Research website (a non-profit organization for research and development in the coffee sector at an international level). 

According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), today the coffee sector is worth about $ 160 billion a year and involves over 25 million families of farmers worldwide. "In addition to being a virtuous example of collaboration between the public and private sectors - underlined illycaffè president Andrea Illy - this genetic research is also an important initiative to support coffee growers all over the world who are already facing damage caused by climate change ". "We are proud," said Lavazza Group Vice President Giuseppe Lavazza, "to have contributed to revealing the DNA of Arabica coffee.The results of this project highlight the importance of working in a pre-competitive perspective". 
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