Back 'Clean the world', an act of love for the environment

"Puliamo il Mondo is a day that brings the great civic resources of Italy into action: a concrete opportunity to reappropriate our territories with an act of love and responsibility starting from an important issue such as waste". This is stated by Ermete Realacci, honorary president of Legambiente and President of the Symbola Foundation, on the occasion of 'Puliamo il mondo', the environmental voluntary campaign organized in Italy by Legambiente and many civil society associations in collaboration with RAI, which takes place from today until Sunday.

"Hundreds of thousands of citizens - adds Realacci - respond every year to the appeal of Legambiente by participating throughout the country to 'Puliamo il mondo', an initiative that has reached the XXVI edition. We hope that institutions and political forces will live up to this society. civil and that know how to dedicate to the environment the attention it deserves ". "Differentiating waste, recovering and recycling materials is strategic for the protection of the environment, for the economy and for employment.

The circular economy already draws innovative production chains, which is an important piece of the economy of the future. and on which we need to invest with more 'vision' and conviction.

We are European champions in the recycling industry, we recover 47 million tons of materials saving primary energy for over 17 million tonnes of oil equivalent, and yet a lot of road still needs to be done In this direction, for a greener, sustainable and innovative Italy that this year thanks to my amendment to the previous budget law, the first country in the world, will be able to count down for abandonment, starting from the first of January 2019, of non-biodegradable plastic cotton buds ". 
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