Foods in the schoolbag for children

The holidays are over and the school and work return to the routine. In the morning, besides the daily work, you will already have to prepare and feed the children at school.

For this there are some suggestions to prepare a delicious and healthy home-made meso.

Little house
Of course, for mammals it is difficult to cook a cake early in the morning, but can best alternate their evening time. During dinner cooking, ignite the oven, make the dough and butter. In the morning a cake slice with you is perfect for your baby.

Fruit salad
It is advised by nutritionists both for children and adults. A bowl of banana, fruit cut into cubes, throwing a few drops of lemon so that fruits do not get colored.

Child will be salted
Of course in mind go a pizza or a pasta, which are delicious but not a healthy diet. So we focus on cheese. Salted or tosted biscuits at breaks are fantastic.

And lastly, enough is a slice of homemade bread, or honey .... Sometimes we can and allow the chocolate. 

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