Mercury, dangerous levels in 41% rivers and lakes in Europe

41% of surface water bodies in the EU (seas, rivers and lakes), 46,000 out of 111,000, "exceed the levels of mercury placed to protect birds and mammals that eat fish". This was written in a recent report by the European Environment Agency (EEA), "Mercury in the European Environment", published on the agency's website. 

"The current mercury emissions in Europe - reads the study - are mostly limited to the use of liquid fuels, including coal, lignite and wood.The world emissions are much higher, due to emissions from other sources, such as gold mines and industrial processes ".

The agency writes that "current levels of mercury in the atmosphere are up to 500% above natural levels." In the oceans, mercury concentrations are up to 200% above natural levels ". 

The European Union has already banned or limited the use of this mineral in many industrial products and processes. In 2017, the Minamata Convention, made up of over 120 countries, became the largest global initiative to protect human health and the environment from mercury.
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