The fake meat burger comes from the USA

It has the taste and smell of beef but is made from 100% vegetable-based proteins. The sustainable burger without GMOs, gluten and hormones, the result of the research of Beyond Meat, the Californian start-up that sells 100% vegan products where they have invested Leonardo di Caprio and Bill Gates among others. 

The burger of 'non meat', which will appear tomorrow in the menu of the chain of hamburgerie Welldone, is suitable for those who choose a vegan diet but also for those who love meat but want to reduce the impact on the environment. It has been calculated that the saving compared to the processing of animal meat is equivalent to 95% of land used, 75% of water, with a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 87%.

The use of 'non-meat', explained by the Welledone chain, will help to fight some of the main problems linked to the climate impact. By eliminating the exploitation of livestock and intensive livestock, it contributes to reducing pollution levels of both groundwater and the atmosphere and land. 

Beyond Meat was the first to launch the vegetable burger in America on the market, now available in 7,500 outlets of large American retail chains. 
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