The laughter is good for the mind

Did you know that crying makes good sense? This gesture, seen negatively by society, has many advantages for us. Doubtless, we tend to run outdoors or inside the house. Few people allow themselves to cry because they call it a shameful act, but it is not true.

Improve your mood
Of course it is a way of expressing despair, and a channel to free all the emotions we have inside. When crying helps you see things more clearly.

Releases stress
In situations where the desire to cry comes from frustration, anger, helplessness, feel free to relieve the stress you have gathered.

It calms you down
It does good to mind, and here you have people who have thoughtful thoughts or anxiety. In such cases, the crying process works as a discharge valve, making good not only the body itself, but also the silence of the mind.

Laughing is a binding station for all thought circulating in our mind without any control. Once you're screwed up, you'll come to see the light. You will discover a better angle for situations that will finally feel calm and at peace. It makes good sense, and although there are opposing views, do not give it the right. It's a healthy gesture. Listen as often as you need

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