Bad news for people who have blood group A, B or AB

People with blood group A, B or AB are more likely to be affected by heart attacks. The warning comes from scientists who believe that these people have higher levels of a coagulant protein, which can prevent blood from reaching vital organs.

As daily DailyMail writes, data is worrying, given that the bloodstream is something out of human reach, but totally genetic.
However, experts say that having a good lifestyle, such as non-smoking and healthy nutrition, are the best way to reduce your risk of heart attack.
Dutch scientists have analyzed data from some scientific studies of 1.3 million people. They found that 14 in 1000 people with blood group 0, the most common group, suffered heart attacks.
While those belonging to group A, B or AB had a slight increase, with 15 in 1000 people.

Experts say more research is needed to understand the connection between heart attack risk and a person's bloodstream, says shn .

However, according to them, in the future the blood group should be considered as a risk factor for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, along with cholesterol, age, sex, blood pressure.
These data come after scientists discovered a new way to identify a patient's bloodstream within a few seconds, with 99.9 percent accuracy.

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