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Government Trump, "hot will increase, impossible to stop it"

Average temperatures will increase by 3.5 degrees from today to the end of the century, but stopping heating is impossible: fossil sources should be abandoned, which is not feasible at the moment. To say it is a study of a US federal agency, the Traffic Safety Administration on National Highways (NHTSA), revealed by the Washington Post. 

The 500-page study was produced to support the Trump administration's decision to halt the Obama-led rise in energy efficiency standards for cars and vans built after 2020. NHTSA admits that this blockage would increase emissions of greenhouse gases from vehicles, but argues that this increase would be irrelevant in the context of global warming.

For the agency, global temperatures at 2100 will increase by around 3.5 degrees above the 1986-2005 averages (ie over 4 degrees from pre-industrial levels). This for the NHTSA will take place both if the new standards on the exhaust pipes wanted by Obama come into force, and if they will be blocked for six years, as Trump wants. 

To avoid this warming, the research argues, the world should heavily cut its greenhouse gas emissions. 

But this, it says, "would require substantial growth in technological innovation" and that "the economy and the vehicle fleet would stop using fossil fuels, which at the moment is not feasible either technologically or economically".